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“More than 150 students at Clark Atlanta University were inspired to live their passion and change the world the day alumnus Jonathon Prince came to our campus. Mr. Prince spoke of the moment he realized true happiness, the day he started running. He eloquently articulated his passion for helping others and encouraged our students to do the same. He stated, “we are all change agents, making a difference in this world depends solely on us”. We are looking forward to the day he will return to share more of his story and his experiences to our students”.

Tanya Mitchell Cobb | Project Coordinator- Office of Alumni Relations – Clark Atlanta University

Jonathon Prince on CNN with Don Lemon

    “My students sat at full attention, there was literally not a sound from an auditorium of 300 high school students. This is not typical behavior. My students were so impressed with the story of Mr. Jonathon Prince. He spoke to my students about hope, finishing high school and the importance of being respectful and a contributor to society. I can honestly say that day my students decided to choose HOPE! They were inspired and ready to make a difference in the community. I am grateful for his visit to South Atlanta School of Health and Medical Sciences.

Termerion McCrary | Principal –South Atlanta High School of Health and Medical Sciences

Those hearing you speak will be lucky and blessed to have you.

“What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Jonathon and his Run for Hope Campaign? His message to our youth here @ the Mecklenburg County Jail was inspiring and uplifting to many of our youth that are experiencing difficulties and set backs in their everyday lives. Jonathon spoke with conviction that our youth could turn their lives around by choosing hope and making better choices with their lives. Currently, we have young men that are writing letters and creating wall art for the facility based on  his speech and message. The youth are looking forward to his return to Charlotte, NC and visiting our facilities for a follow up tour. Thank you Jonathon and your Team for stopping by and giving back.”

    Keith E. Cradle | MHA – Inmate Program Manager

Jonathon Prince shoe signing

    “Jonathon is clear about his mission and his purpose.”  When he visited Wilson Middle School in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, he inspired so many children to stay hopeful and follow their dreams.”

     Tahira Stalberte | Media and Community Relations Specialist – Achievement Zone Learning Community

“Many in attendance were enlighten, one participant in particular stated that the February event was uplifting and motivating as we received insight and wisdom from a pioneer in Dr. Dennis Kimbro who has blazed a path in addressing diversity and inspiration from a young trend setter in Jonathon Prince who is beginning his journey to make a difference in society.  It was like a passing of the torch that inspired all attendees no matter what their position in life.”

    Bob Bennett | KPMG

“Jonathon Prince is a motivating and inspiring speaker that can reach any audience.  His story is moving and he related well to our Right Moves for Youth students.”

    Otis Stroud | Program Director, Right Moves for Youth

“Jonathon Prince challenges his audiences to take action and contribute to better the lives of others.  He is an excellent speaker and truly reaches people from all backgrounds. I would highly recommend any opportunity to hear his inspiring story.”

    Shannon Hames | Development Director, Right Moves for Youth

“I coordinated two opportunities for Jonathon to share his message of hope with Charlotte youth during his run through our city.  No one could have expected that he would deliver a message as poignant as he did.  While he was eloquent and articulate, that wasn’t what defined the message. Jonathon was open, honest and transparent about his past with the children, offering him a level of credibility most speakers don’t get with teens.  His willingness to share helped his message of hope reach the kids in a major way.  While kids at both presentations were moved by his message, the youth at the jail were most touched.  The program coordinator at the jail said the students exuded a level of confidence – and hope – following Jonathon’s presentation that no other speaker has offered them.  Kudos Jonathon.”

Brandi N Williams, APR | studio b public relations