The Hope or Die! Foundation

by jonathonprince

Ok, so here’s the skinny.


The Hope or Die! Foundation is NOT an official non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We have to function as a “For Profit” organization until our filing is submitted. Hence, Team Prince has developed several creative ways to earn capitol in order to file properly. I’ve received a tremendous amount of bogus advice in the past and there are allot of details and specifics involved that I am currently understanding before I begin the process. However throughout this process, I intend to keep you ALL abreast on the proper way of establishing a legitimate non-profit organization.

Monies earned within this grass roots initiative will be put towards officially establishing the “Hope or Die!” Foundation which is a global initiative that encourages others to use their natural abilities to give back to the community and influence change in the world, for themselves, for their block, and for their communities.

Thank you for understanding my disclaimer message at this time. I look forward to an amazing adventure in sharing this vital information that is all apart of my Hope to build this grass roots movement from the ground up.

-Jonathon Prince