Something in the Air…

by jonathonprince

Something in the air!

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”. Hope or Die! -Jp

I don’t know if it was the tomatoe lettuce and grilled cheese sandwhich from In-and-Out, the Eleventh Hour Nervousness as I near closer to starting my 3rd run, or if somethings in the air because this whole weekend I’ve had the blues. No sleep (insomnia), running nose as I run the beach, and sinus-allergy symptoms while I try to get my inner peace on. SICK, isn’t how I expect to spend my birthday coming up next Sunday, so this Sudafed, Day-Quil, or somethings gota give and soon.

Speaking of sick, how SICK is the video below? I know you’ll enjoy this creative mix master piece that I think is well worth sharing. Tell me what you think…

It’s interesting how you have to fight with yourself to remain discipline even with the mightiest circumstances attempting to prove otherwise. Positive self talk is important to stay on the up-n-up to see things through to the end. I wana share a creed that helps me stay focused and on top of things when the powers that be try to mess up my Chi and maybe it’ll help you with your self talk positive reinforcement. I say it in a rhythym that begins to bring these words into reality:

“I keep a strong will, steady pulse, and a pure mind.”

Try to repeat it to yourself several times when the going get hards and see how quick it can transform your disposition to get you back on track.

Dream & Go,

If you read it here it’s from me, that means I shared it for you so feel free to run with it!