This time next week…

by jonathonprince

…I’ll be up, armed and ready to begin my 3rd adventure across North America, which happens to be the single most important thing in my life right now. Life is not always a joy ride. I’ve had my ups, and I’ve had plenty of downs as well. However, the more people thank me, encourage me, and support me to see this journey through -because they get it, and it makes sense- it becomes a must, and once you reach that “MUST” status, human beings can do some extraordinary things. Selfishly, I must complete this run.

Jonathon Prince over Los Angeles, California, USA

When your Why, for doing something is strong enough, it makes your How to do it, obsolete.” -Jonathon Prince

My “WHY” has become bigger then me and just my reasons to run. My Why now includes hers, his, them, theirs, and yours. I thank you all for your loyal support and encouragement, I have 5 1/2 -6months ahead of me, and I only anticipate great things to unfold for humanity because of my efforts. I feel like I am running across America blind folded with nothing but trust in the Powers that be to guide me through the wilderness because that trust in my vision is my light that shines so bright, that – that light creates the only path out of the wilderness for myself and others.

Believe in yourself planet earth it’s the only way to live.  -Jonathon Prince