Willow Spa – Santa Monica, California’s best kept secret…

by jonathonprince

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Have you ever left one reality, by literally stepping into a new one? Better yet, has an environment ever psychologically made you feel like you were completely on the other side of the world?  That’s how I felt as I was greeted by Julie James of Willow Spa located at: 3127 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 – USA. With exactly a week from the start of my run Willow offered their AMAZING Japanese mud bath and :75minute sports massage to me to ensure I would feel refreshed, brand new, and ready for the 6 months of running I have ahead of me. Trust me, my words give Santa Monica, Ca.’s bet kept secret no justice at all, just check them out for yourself: Editor’s Pick – Sunset Magazine 2009, Top 10 Spa Experiences – Angeleno Magazine 2008, Best Healing Massage 2009 – City Search, Best, Detox Spa 2009 Editors Pick – City Search, Top 10 Friendliest Spas in LA 2009 – Yelp not to mention the loyal local following they have earned respect for over the years. Whether a local, or tourist, parent, or child, athlete or a Forrest Gumper. I guarantee all of our experiences will be will have a few things in common: Awesome Customer Service, Comfort & Relaxation, Care & Dedication, which you will be cared for within an Asian inspired oasis of exotic fragrant flowers, the sound of running waterfalls and streams and lantern lit stone walkways leading to cabanas and day beds around a lush relaxing garden. Gota Love it!

After I was welcome and greeted by Julie, filling out the paper work was quick, easy and to the point. Immediately after which, I was given my spa garment to change into. The first step in my opinion, was most important. As Julie gave me the re-known Willow Spa tropical foot massage, she took time to get to know me and understand my body: What hurt, what I needed special attention towards, etc. Followed by breaking down how my evening treatment would proceed for the evening. At this point I was in Asia, nothing felt like the outside world. Everything on the outside was on mute, and everything on the inside was turned up. (An excellent place to be spiritually by the way)

Foot Soak.jpgThis mud bath was literally that. Weird right? But amazing as well. They had several tubs that they would fill up with mud for clients and have you melt inside to a comfortable position. Once the enzyme bath is carefully explained you are marinating for :20m to sweat out toxins and other extra your body natural lets go of, Waste!

Enzyme Room.jpg

* Instantly relax from the soothing heat * Boost circulation * Detoxify the body * Improve mobility * Relieve joint and muscle pain * Ease tension and fatigue * Improve digestion * Reduce injury Calm nerves

It’s not a cleanser nor a sauna, it’s a natural holistic way to release the extra baggage your body stores so that you can feel lighter, brighter and have the clarity you need for your day to day lifestyle. Me personally, I have never had a massage session before any of my 2 previous 5month runs across America, so this time I meditated on the journey I had ahead. I focused on the bath releasing everything that could possibly give me pause and trusted that the treatment would take care of it for me. It Did. Every :20 minutes Julie would check in on me with a sip of water and cold towel to cool me down, after which I showered, changed and prepped for my  sports massage.

As I sipped on more water in the holding room, I noticed the look on other clients faces who were there. Amazingly, they too were in this zen-like trance temporarily letting go of everything on the outside and completely focused on the “Now”. Again, in no time I’m proceeding to the next service, my :75minute sports massage. Before, my body was tight, knotted up, and stiff in certain areas, but with her coaching and reaffirming to relax and breath, after, I felt like a wad of cookie dough.

Mentally clear, refreshed and ready to run across America for a 3rd time, I can honestly say “I’m Ready”, Willow Spa is an Athletes dream before as a lifestyle practice and before any active event that can take allot of energy from you. I met the owners of the spa who’s energy exuded wellness. I can tell by their smile and hand shake that they practice the service that they provide which is always so very important to me.

Thank you Angel, for the talk on the way home and serving as the DP (Dir. of Photography) and Julie for taking interest in my run and introducing me to (as you put it) “The Best place to work in LA” and the Willow Spa for caring for me in such a professional manner. I encourage men to come HERE, it’s a dream come true, trust me. Willow, I really appreciate you for providing a tremendous service for people who may or may not be going through tough times right now. I believe you guys are actually in the “Be a better, lighter, clearer, person” business because you help alter allot of minds, bodies and souls for the better and make them believe THEY CAN achieve whatever they choose too.

What gets me even more excited to start and finish my Hope or Die run across America, is the body treatment I anticipate when I come back. I said it then and I’ll say it now, The Willow Spa has a client for life with me!

This morning Friday…I can honestly say, I slept like a baby!