JP Vs. 90* Heat = One of the hardest days of my life!

by jonathonprince

I started my day off on an excellent foot with a fruit bowl and a Cliff Bar in my stomach, I started my run around 8:05am and by 10am I had knocked out 12miles. As soon as 11came around the sun was beating me up and I didn’t have any liquids to stay hydrated because my team had lost me for those two hours, an I didnt have a phone to call, so then I got very weak. My road managers: Hansen, is posting “Wheres Jp?” messages on FB, Andrea is worried I passed out, because i couldnt have run as fast ahead as i did. Then I found out that I had an extra 5miles ontop of the 20 I had fixed my mind for.

At this point it was the heat vs. me and the heat was kicking my arse! Stop and go! Go and stop… Breath breath, pant pant! Sigh, as if I was talking to my boxing trainer about the bigger, heavier component that refused to go down.

How’d it all end? I kept pushin, straight Rudy, or any underdog story, style. I won!!! After the pain of trying to inch along, I arrived at the Radisson here in West Covina where I’m writing you now.

Dont follow your dreams planet earth chase them, and never let up…ever!

…on to day 3!
Jonathon Prince