Day 5: Strong Will. Steady Pulse. & a Pure Mind.

by jonathonprince

Day 5 is a wrap! 5: San Bernandino – Rialto to Beaumont, Ca.

I feel great 23 miles later in the Beaumont desert. 15miles through an uphill canyon and in the middle of nowhere for miles in every direction. It started beaming on me pretty hard around 11am. The sun got fierce around noon, and I started sweat profusly. Hydrated, and fed, I maintained my breath, stride, and kept a strong will steady pulse and a pure mind.

I’ve noticed when you pay attention to the details around you, it makes running (or any physical) that more bearable. I focused on army ants creating new trails, bees looking for lunch, horses and buffalo doing they’re thing and even the rythym of my footsteps. It’s amazing how you can take your mind somewhere else and still be in the physical act of your choice without missing a beat. Try it!

It gets hard out here guys, very very hard and there’s only ONE thing that keeps me going… Yep, that HOPE for someone to be inspired and for the days run to be

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Never deprive someone if hope, it may be all they’ve got! -Jp