Out of the Desert & into Phoenix

by jonathonprince

As the desert ends you begin to see teasers of civilization. The shrubs begin to change, the air loosens the thick grasp around your throat, and homes, Resturaunts and pedestrians all affirm a refreshing new environment.

The locals:
Familiar with their territory on a day to day bases, the locals pause to take it in when seeing an unfamiliar face running through their town. As I acknowledge with a head nod, peace sign, or thumbs up, all is well and we all proceed on with our day. Acknowledgement, -I realize- is a universal signal of mutual understanding. I acknowledge you for who you are and what your doing and I expect the same. Try it and I’m sure you will have less uncomfortable encounters from now on.

I think allot:
Mostly of the endless possibilities in life, but mainly of ‘Why’ Im running. For those that don’t know, during my first run across america I coined the, “When your ‘Why’ for doing something us strong enough, it makes your ‘How’ to do it, obsolete” quote. So as often as possible I remind myself that the people in the world need something! Hope, and if I can provide -even just an once of it- then I’ve achieved my goal. There are some areas I’ve ran through as I reach the city limits and see the lack of hope an inspiration in their eye and that’s why my why keeps me going!

ASU Sundevils, here I come… Let’s get it!!!