FOX News: 400 Mile Shoe Retirement – Drinkables Gift!

by jonathonprince

The good ole’ 1st pair of 400 mile retired Nike’s: “Whewww, what a smell!”

Early this morning I warmed up and ran with the ASU cross Country team as they got in a 7am practice before regional’s. Now, I understand what I’m doing may be pretty interesting, but to see these guys and girls sprinting miles the way they were had me in “Awe”. FOX news was on deck for a LIVE 7:40am breath of fresh air “Feel Good” interview and the segment with Jaime was AWESOME! You can see it by clicking HERE on the thumbnail:

JP on FOX News

Jonathon Prince on FOX News with ASU SunDevils

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He plugged the condition my shoes were in and noted the desert sticky shrubs still on the soles of my shoes. Most importantly, you don’t hear much positivity on TV now a-days which is why I am honored they shared my story.


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DRINKABLES: Shortly after the segment, the Cross Country Team was wrapping up their morning practice from an intense focus. I introduced myself again, and admired them all for their discipline. I then, donated my 400 mile Nike’s to the team which will be mounted in a case and displayed where ever they see fit. (Video Coming Soon) As an added extra, I gave the team (2) full bottles of Drinkables Joint Care product which works wonders for me. they were all in smiles as you can imagine seeing that -although different in allot of ways- we had running similarities. Drinkables Joint Care product is best used before bed and after awakening especially on days of extreme work outs. I use it and that’s what keeps me going, healthy and all in one piece… along with my sheer determination to inspire those in need of a lil Hope!

-Jonathon Prince