Care Packages

by jonathonprince

Thank you for all the love via care packages! They were right on time and I really appreciate and needed them. I actually met up with Rae Beam’s family. I went to High School with Rae and haven’t seen her since. Then out the blue, she hit me on Facebook to encouragement me with Hope or Die! and voila, Rae started a company called Rae-Sentials which includes nick knacks foryour everyday essential needs. Awesome idea Rae. Her family was awesome. Sister Rylee, and mom Paula Beam Whisman were sweethearts, it just so happen that they were right down the street from where we were staying and even stopped to grab me a case of water. Awesome family! Thanks Beams!


Receiving a care package from the Beams via Rae Beam frpm CHS c/o 98'