Hope or Die! road stories…

by jonathonprince

K…take 3 full size adults (2 male and 1 female: well 2 1/2 full size adults, because she’s a tiny girl)


Jonathon "JP" Prince


Mike "M.dot" Hansen


Andrea "Get that camera out my face" Batel

packed for 6months on the road, with an expected RV (more room) for departure on day 1 (Oct. 15th) that hasn’t yet been finalized and squeeze alllll that in a clean pearly white 4 door Sonata, what do you got?



So one day in the middle of the Palm Springs desert, there was NO hotel in site for miles and I mean miles away! So we had to prepare to camp out for the night. We found a gas station rest stop area after my 20 mile run, which was home for the night. Yea, I was a little tart from the days run and had no where to shower, and I couldn’t help but feel like I was the stinky kid in school when I walk pass someone and they look back to see whats smells so bad, as I humbly say to myself, “It must be me”.

A hard day for everyone, we ate a silent lunch with no more then 5 words exchanged between us 3, paid for our meal and separated for awhile. Our minds were everywhere with this being our 1st night packing into a car that I was never in, since I’d run from hotel to hotel, however hours past and night drew closer and closer. We gathered together to unite and embrace the experience we all knew was coming eventually. We popped in Kill Bill Vol.2 and sat in silence. As I watched I prayed that my Team and I remained safe throughout the night and that the Universe would keep us from and danger that may lurk. Immediately afterward, I prayed that Mikes feet wouldn’t end up in my face as he stretched, bent, and folded himself in the back seat with an amazing Ripley’s Believe or Not movable space, but he made it work. Poor me, -behind the steering wheel- I threw my legs on top of the steering wheel, slept sitting straight up and tossed and turned the whole night. Luckily for Dre, she had the most space of us all, but still had to deal with the tight confines of our limited space.DSCN0282

Danger did indeed lurk, I was the first to hear it… then Andrea, but nothing from Mike, I said out loud, “What in the HELL is that?” …Silence…and it was Mike in the back seat revving up his snoring for the night! “Dammit”, I said. Not only do I have his feet inches away from my face, but now I can’t hear if TRUE danger creeps up, cause Mike drowned everything out.

However, being optimistic me, I thought if TRUE danger did lurk, Mike’s growl and roaaar would inevitably scare away the real critters looking to do us harm.lol. It worked!

…In essence, and in the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Thanks Mike, for killing 4 birds with one stone: The feet, which kept me up and alert. The Amazing “Ripley’s” body bend in the back seat. An getting a decent nights sleep WHILE holding down the security measures from the real predators in the wild and for taking one for the team!


We made it through the night, cramped but safe and started running first thing in the morning,


more appreciative then ever before to just have SOMETHING to sleep in whether hotel, cot or not. Show gratitude for what you have, because someone always has it worst. -Jp