iHope. iRun. iPhone.

by jonathonprince

…Ahhh, the perfect combination. I couldn’t imagine running this 3rd run without my iPhone. Photos, live updates, all the apps you can fathom.

…plus it’s just a cooler-sexier phone across the board. I’m on the road with my (2) Road Managers and one has a backberry(Verizon) phone and the other has the T-Mobile (google) phone (that he dropped like 5x today, lol). I’m pleased to say, I have noticed no complaints from being an iPhone owner, while the BB gets thrown several times a day due to malfunction, and the Google phone has me running 8 extra miles due to mis-calculations!!! (Jokin Guys) But I do sense the phone envy. lol

So, as iHope, iRun, an iPhone all the way to DC, I can MAC my way across America with the only fruit I trust!!!