I Quit!

by jonathonprince

I’ve had a whole lot on my mind lately and through the fog have maintained my composure a bit. I’ve been irritated, snappy, and frustrated with people I shouldn’t have. The road can do that to you. It’ll test your EVERY step, and distract you if your not focused. I lost focus for a second. I fumbled the rock just yards before the winning touchdown, I missed my lay-up during a fast break, and struck out with the bases loaded at the end of a tie game in the 9th inning. I lost myself for a second, and for that I apologize.

I Quit!

I am no longer putting my feeling off on others or pointing the blame. I’m taking Full Responsibility and 100% Accountability for everything around me, Hope or Die! included. I have wonderful people in my life who have helped me get centered and I’m back, brand new, fresh and Dope as I wana be, simply put, I got it made!

I look within!









Let’s Go!