BASIC Smiles after the Storm with Spira!

by jonathonprince

So as you may know, I got caught in the El Paso snow storm on Monday morning, and it was extremely painful, difficult, and a true testiment to human potential.

JP Running through the El Paso snow storm!

Today I posted the need of help from people following the run. A few hours later, Toni came through by cold calling some local businesses here in El Paso, and came across Basic Sportswear Apparel who gladly offered to donate some running gear seeing that I was freezing the day before.

Such an awesome company Hely and his brother showed us so much love and I learned allot about their 18 years in business. Come to find out, they happen to supply Spira footwear with their new clothes division. Ironically, Spira was gracious enough to provide a few pair of shoes during my first run across America. Holly is a Champ, a pure sport. Her spirit is awesome and we caught up on old times from humble beginings to the growth of where we both are today. Great day today, and it all started with the support of Toni doing her part and Choosing Hope!