Our Reality!

by jonathonprince

It’s not pretty folks. I come to you as humble as possible when I say, without further resources or financial support I’m not exactly sure how…

…We NEED your Support! I’m doing the Legwork, my Road Team is doing theirs every single day, but please, please, please do your part. Are we not doing enough? Do the people really care? If there’s something I’m not doing or can do more of let me know and it’s done. It’s Hope or Die for us out here on the road right now and I can relate -first hand- to the people I’m running for. My team and I have put our EVERYTHING into Hope or Die! All we have left IS that “Hope” factor. Every day I run with Hope in my mind, Hope that my running isn’t in Vain. Help me prove that it’s not, will you?

If your reading this, Please (and tell others as well) Donate to our cause by clicking the “Contribute” link below!

-Jonathon Prince
Still Choosing Hope!