Breakphost Opportunity!

by jonathonprince

To my surprise as I ate my freshly made waffle for breakfast before a meeting this morning, I was tapped on the shoulder from Gabe, the GM of Hampton Inn. There was allot of the management staff in today, and we all gathered for a cool quick photo session as they encouraged my run and offered their support. We had a meeting to go to, so we were all going to re-connect later and “Toast” to… well, just because. Life I suppose. Everyone is healthy and alive, now that’s what I call a breakphost (breakfast – photo). Every hotel should should shadow El Paso’s Hampton Inn, they lead by example as I’ll talk about a little later.

Gabe (2), Maryanne (she's the one blinking), Jonathon Prince, Gabe (1), (I didnt get her name)