Spira Sportswear & Hope or Die! ~Like Attracts Like~

by jonathonprince

There is a Natural LAW in the Universe that says like attracts like. What you think about, you will attract. Positive Energy brings Positive Energy. Just as well as the Eye for an Eye, and Violence begets more violence. But NEVER -in my life- have I ever seen it works out the way it did today with perfect harmony.

Owners and Staff of Basic Sports Apparel

So my team and I walked into the offices of Spira Sports Wear and everything seemed to be -in natural flow- there was an ease in the air that provided a comfort that I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that felt. I met their marketing people, and David & Hely, were there as well. (Not to forget Abraham, who is a class act all in himself). We talked about the Hope or Die initiative and discussed similar visions of growth and opportunities. -Like indeed does attract like- A very laid back environment, I felt awesome that they were interested in coming on-board to show their support. An they did!!! They are providing us their FULL support to Hope or Die! as an official sponsor throughout the duration of out campaign, and I couldn’t be any more proud of the people we are sharing this vision with.

We broke for lunch and decided to meet up later! Ahhhhhh, stay positive and expect only good things! Theres a PROMISE that was made when you follow your dreams, now run it down and Chase that Promise!