23 Miles Later… Where did that Tiny Ant go?

by jonathonprince

Today’s run was great. I started off not wanting to run at all, but as always, running has a tendency to get me right back on track with a positive mental attitude. All I need are my warm Spira clothes, My Crazy fresh comfortable Nike’s, and my pod full of hits, that yea, I may have listened too 800x already but it keeps me moving.

I thought allot today about everything on my mind, one random thing imp articular was, where did that Red Army Ant go from my 10 mile mark earlier? As I began to run and I noticed a HUGE crumb being carried away by an army ant. I paused to take a look and noticed it was driven and on a mission ready to run me over or anything else over that got in its way to where it was headed. It crawled like, “Dont disturb me, I’m working here!” and I didn’t. Very random, but knowing the power of a goal, I’m willing to bet that tiny red Ant carried a crumb 3x his size, for however long to provide for its family, tribe or whatever they hod dear to their hearts. I guess I can relate. I’m moving every day with a passionate tenacity to inspire hope to those in need and raise a million dollars to 6 non-profit organizations that provide Hope to the people both nationally and internationally. I’m asking about where the Ant went, but I’m wondering if it knows “Where in the world is Jonathon Prince?”