Dear World, Welcome to Hope or Die! Thank you for your time…

by jonathonprince

For the new followers of my Hope or Die! run, I would like to introduce my initiative with a few points others are already familiar with. Please do your part and Contribute, Spread the Word, and Send your “I Chose Hope” video to

My Why: My 3rd run is entitled Hope or Die! because unfortunately that IS the reality for most people worldwide both foreign & domestic. Hope or Die! is a choice, I’m using my natural running ability to inspire others to choose Hope and raise money for 6 non-profit organizations that provide Hope for the people.


“As a social ‘Athlivist’
I intend to use my running to inspire others to
make whatever change may be desperately needed to
give their own lives more meaning. It’s that ‘hope factor’ that can move mountains!
My mission is to promote Hope and raise funds utilizing my running ability
to benefit 6 non-profit organizations providing
-Jonathon Prince
Allows individuals to make the change they feel is needed in the world by contributing to specific charities that bring HOPE to people in need, at home and around the world.
Charity Beneficiaries | Habitat for Humanity | Remote Area Medical | Bread for the World | The Girl Effect | Global Green

Please enjoy our promo video, do your part and join our movement to Washington, D.C.

Myself and the Hope or Die! team are looking forward to your support, whether by sponsorship, advice, or healthy wishes and prayers.  If you are interested in more information on how to be a sponsor, please contact the Hope or Die! Team @