Bring my iPod back to life! I Need Beats!

by jonathonprince

Ok, so I know I don’t watch too much TV or isten to what the newest banger is on the radio, but I’ve been listening to the same tracks for over 2 months now TODAY! (Wait a second (second) Today is our 2month anniversary from the day we started on the road) (Blog coming soon) So I would like to encourage as many readers as possible to send in the tracks YOU think I’d like to run and groove to.

Help bring my iPod touch back to life!

I’ll listen to whatever comes in, but if I got to hear Jay-Z’s: BP3, my Rock n Roll Alternatives, TI’s: Papertrail, Game’s Documentary, or Kanye’s mixes ONE MORE TIME! Sheeeesh!I’ll have to put my ipod touch to rest and run in silence. I’ve mastered those albums and can spit them out word-for-word, verbatim if need be.

So, listen to your music, compile them in a folder and send them over to me in a zip file to