Beast! I eat asphalt & nike+ systems!

by jonathonprince

Today’s run was cool. Literally, I have no complaints: The Hilton Garden Inn showed us the best hospitality in Abilene, Tx. They chose Hope on camera and the whole 9 yards in addition to keeping and making sure my Paul Mitchell shampoo was kept in safe keeping’s since I accidentally forgot it in the shower: “Ya know I gota preserve my” Thanks for the hospitality Hilton,

the weather was perfect for my body temperature, my mind was pure, my Spira fit was on point and my Nike’s were rippin through the asphalts of the Hwy!

…only thing though is my Nike+ system doesn’t work anymore!!! Did I run through too many miles on it? Does it only register 850+ miles? Hmm, let’s see if we could get that Nike+ v5.0, possible????

Rest In Peace to the Mile System Departed! Jp ran more miles then what it was designed to handle…