True Story…

by jonathonprince

…just when I thought I was too tired from my 23+ miles today I had just got my room key from the extremely helpful front desk staff at the Whitten Inn, an headed over to our rooms, ( and I) I was telling Mike something an out the corner of my eye is a guy who came down the stairs -faily fast- headed to his car, an ran SMACK dead into the cement gravel divider post of the building!!! Yikes! It HAD to hurt, because he stutter stepped before continuing to his car and held the left side if his face an proceeded with caution. Oouch! All I could see was the 80’s graphics from the old Batman that jumped at the screen like: “BooM BOOM Pow!!!”

Embarresment (for him) is an understatement. You know how you look around to see who else around you saw your blooper? He made NO eye contact what-so-ever! It made me feel uncomfortable to ask if he was ok, so I whispered to him, “Are you okay dude?” but he didn’t respond.

“He never saw that one coming” -The Cement Gravel Divider Post