Humpty Dumpty – Humpty JP

by jonathonprince

Regular Routine before checking into our hotels are as follows:

Check in, grab the luggage cart, unpack the car, grab what we can in our hands and push the cart through the lobby, up to the elevator and to our rooms…

Here’s what happened yesterday…

…We checked in, grabbed the luggage cart, unpacked the car and attempted to proceed towards the hotel, however…(record stops)…There was just a snow storm on Thursday and black ice was still on the ground…(record continues…) up the slight hill Mike and I go (because Andrea hauled ass to the hotel before we did), and Beaaumm!!! I’m back down and face up facing the sky! Mikes laughing and just barely holding out his hand to help me. I’m laughing too, but asked, where’s my iPhone? Where’s my iPhone? I found it, beneath me was my phone safe an unscratched! Man…I thought my life was over!