The Dallas Experience: Halfway to DC!

by jonathonprince

Have you ever had a dream that you believed in soo much that you would endure all the pressures of the world in order to see it through? Welcome to mine, it’s called Hope or Die! as I use my body: 2 feet, legs and all the energy I can muster to run across North America for my 3rd time. After Christmas last week, I slipped and fell on some black ice and my right knee has been feelin it every since, so I’m glad to be able to rest up at the AMAZING Sheraton in Downtown Dallas, Tx. with an awesome view, check this out, and this give what I stare out of right now, NO JUSTICE!

There is no other lace I’d rather stay in Dallas other then the Downtown Sheraton. The customer service is ridiculous! Rita is my girl! She is the dopest concierge I’ve ever met in real life. She’s on point and thinks ahead. I swear it seems like she know EVERYTHING, always a great person to know, If your reading, thank you Rita.

One of the most amazing parts about staying at the Sheraton during my 3rd run across America for the people, is actually meeting Weldon, a Hurricane Katrina survivor who chose “Hope” and relocated to Dallas to hit the ground running to provide for his family. The Sheraton welcomed him with open arms, and he’s been on top every since. He’s my hero, for hanging in there with Hope and continuing to fight when others decided to give up. Weldon, if you ever need anything, let me know!

So after I ran through the city streets of Dallas, I checked in, showered, got dressed, and stared out my window for like an hour. I made some business calls and it was time to eat and relax…

I could get us to this…