V. Spa – Dallas, Tx.

by jonathonprince

What can I say? If you could absolutely articulate the epitome of quality customer service from a Spa, all you need is V-Spa as a point of reference. To have already made a visit there is to know exactly what I’m writing about. Sarah Long is amazing. (period) The facility just finished a $2million dollar renovation and it shows. So awesome is V. Spa, they let M.dot get in on the treatment, with a FULL BODY massage as well, tat he enjoyed more then he could put words too.  😐  It almost felt like you were somewhere in the Eastern part of the world, experiencing the finest of the Orient culture. V. Spa gave me an awesome therapeutic full body massage from Jenny Walker who is not only a dope masseuse, but ha an amazing disposition with life. Ask about Jenny Walker when you stop through. Tara Singh gave me a 50minute facial unlike no other, it was unbelievable, (Darnit, I wish I was there right now) and the welcome staff also providing a couple of glasses of wine for Mike and I to toast to the New Year. The music, the smell, smiles, and attentive care made it all the more refreshing! Who could ask for any other way to spend New Years Eve?

I wish I had more photos to share, but I was too busy, well too relaxed to even think about snappin pics. A bit selfish of me, huh? Now I need a haircut, because this is becoming untamed right about now…Hmm, where to go!