Run Dedication: We r’OC’k

by jonathonprince

Often times I ask myself, if my running matters. Is anyone paying attention? Or am I making a difference while making a positive impact on peoples lives?

Those questions were answered on New Years day when I recieved a package from Andrea Kooiman ‘Coach K’ as the ‘We Rock’ kids running club
call her. This package was filled with goodies and not ONLY answered my questions, but also inspired me all the way to DC & the rest of the year. I swear when I saw photos of the Andrea & I from day 1: Oct. 15th back in Santa Monica, Ca. An the pictures and letters from the future runners of tomorrow, it made my year!!! There was a Runners Motivation Book with a year worth of inspiration that I’ll be posting from time to time, so stay tuned.

As I ran my 20+ miles today I couldn’t stop thinking about ‘We Rock’ an even when it got tough for a few miles again I’d think about them, the kids, the future of tomorrow and it inspired me to fight through the grueling pain to keep going. So it only makes sense to dedicate my first run of 2010 to Andrea Kooiman and Daniel, Andrew, Zander, Jordan, Ashley, Scarlet, Zach, Trevor, Chase, Noah, Andrew, Cristina, Christina, Anna, and The ‘Three Persians’ Kian, Aria and Brandon of ‘We Rock’ for the inspiration, consideration and belief in this initiative. You guys really do Rock! I can’t wait to meet and run with all of you and share run stories from my adventure, keep the letters coming!

Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.