Fairfield & The Barber Shop: ‘Fresh Start’ worth a Clean-Boy Finish!

by jonathonprince

Long busy today, but I got it done. I was scrambling at the end of business hours to find a barber shop because I have a few awesome interviews poppin in Hope, Arkansas this weekend, so you know I had to get my ‘clean-boy’ on. Well, Thanks to the awesome staff at the Fairfield Inn & Suites ‘Marriott’ they found me one in the knick of time.

The directions were quite a ways from where I was and I only had :40mins. before they closed. So I ran through the door, grabbed Dre’s keys, and hit the road…again. I followed directions an made: the 1st Right at the light, then another at the Blockbuster video, then drive, drive, drive, until Lake Street, Once there, make a left, and ‘Fresh Start is on the Left. Beeaayyyuuum. I found it and right on time. They asked me if I was a boxr because I had on my running cothes with my hoody, but nah. “My name is Jonathon Prince, and I’m running across America to inspire others to Choose Hope with my ‘Hope or Die!’ campaign.” (I say to myself, WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT) ALL The Hair Clippers stop, “Huh, wait what?” They said. I went to the car, and gave them all flyers. Cool dudes, I definitely see the down south influence, and it feels good to get the feedback and encouragement to keep going.

Thanks boys, (send me that pic from your phone, since my battery died.lol)