Busy Day: Follow Me, Will Ya! …”Its ‘Jonathon Prince’ Day”

by jonathonprince

In a mement of reflection, I just really have to show my sincere appreciation for LaVonne Jordan the General Manager of  ‘The Holiday Inn Express’ in Hope, Arkansas (A MUST VISIT IF TRAVELLING THROUGH). It’s very seldom seen that someone is genuine and just ‘AS’ passionate about your cause as you are. Well she is. She welcomed me into the city yeaterday and gathered others as I crawled my way to the front door after my leg was KILLING me. She smiled and said, “We’re gona take care of you here”. That she did. She arranged my room to have the bath-tub with jet bubbles so that I can soak and relax properlly, and EVEN slide us some money to grab something to eat. Man, Hope is in the air, and I really appreciate it here in Hope, Arkansas.

Today’s a busy day and follow me now during this recap, It’s:

6:12am, I’m meditating. & back to sleep.
8:04am: Mike wakes me up before a business call.
8:45am: I recieved an awesome phone call for an hour.
9-12pm: I’m relaxing my legs & stretching
1:15pm: I’m on a call with my iPhone App Developer
2pm: Hope City Interview with

2:45pm: Hope City Watermellon Tossing

3pm: Hope City radio interview with Mark

3:50pm: At City Hall to pick up a signed proclamation from Mayor Ramsey & the Board of Directors designating January 15th, 2010 ‘Jonathon Prince’ Day in Hope, Arkansas.

4:25: Read and laminate my front page article from the Texarkana Gazette


6:00: Out in about on my day which actually happens to be our 3month anniversary of Hope or Die! on the road…