Haiti GaGa

by jonathonprince

The Passion of Gaga!

Lady GaGa is definitely a quirky pop star, known for her outrageous outfits and hairstyles as well as for being very outspoken. But, GaGa wants you to know she takes herself very seriously as an artist and isn’t passionate about the stuff that comes along with fame.

Recently the singer told MTV News:
“I don’t care about fast cars and I don’t’ care about condominiums and I don’t care about jewelry. I care about love and art and peace and togetherness and everyday in my life, that is what I do.”


GaGa is currently on the road, touring in support of her new album, The Fame Monster. The Monster Ball will hit New York City on January 26th and all money raised from that show will go to help support the people of Haiti after suffering one of the worst earthquakes in the small Caribbean island nation’s history.

Thanks for the info Joey!