The Road to Recovery!

by jonathonprince

It’s frustrating being off the road and down & out because all I want to do is run! As you may know from my earlier posts this week I went to the emergency room to remedy the heart attack symptoms I had. Back in Phoenix ASU’s Physician showed me an extra heart beat from my EKG check up. Huh? But he said it was due to a lack of electrolytes in my body combined with all the miles I put myself through every day. In short, I was off balance. It seems to me, that as I take a few days off, it might serve my best interest to listen to my body more and stop being so stubbornly hard-headed!

While on my road to recovery, all I’ve been doing is clearing my mind from all things that aren’t beneficial towards only the things that will help me grow to become a better person, humanitarian, runner & philanthropist. Today marks that day. As I get closer to the end of my 3rd run across America sometimes fear creeps in as to if it even mattered! But it does and that’s wat hope is all about! Once you choose hope, anything is possible!

Strong Will, Steady Pulse & a Pure Mind! Once you have your mind you can put things back together again.