In the case if Uncle Phil & Suge Knight: Same Dude or…???

by jonathonprince

It's in the Eye!

I’m sold that the super successful posh Judge ‘Uncle Phil’ from Fresh Prince of Bel Aire has reinvented himself as a fearless record label Executive named ‘Suge Knight’, who uses his ‘Same’ size to scare off and intimidate others. It’s the perfect transition that No One would ever expect, but ahh, the plot thickens! Ironic how Phil is a judge and probably sentenced gangsters and thugs to where??? Death Row!!! (follow me

Remember the pool hall show where Uncle Phil saved will from getting beat up from the small person and the ‘gangster’ who took all Will’s money while betting? I think at THAT moment, Suge was created by the man we grew to formerly know as Uncle Phil!

Case Closed Your Honor!