Peabody Hotel Most Honorable Title!

by jonathonprince

Meet ‘Duck Master Jonathon Prince’! This was an awesome experience this morning here at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis! I learned the history of the city and hotel. One being the infamous Duck Walk on the Red Carpet every morning. An not just ‘Anybody’ can be thee Honorary Duck Jason (pictured below)

is the Official Duck Master and he gave the entire break down of the Peabody Hotel origins. He then introduced me and allowed me to speak about Hope or Die! Afterwards we went to the roof top and ushers the professionally trained Ducks back to the rooftop elevator and back down we went… Once the doors opened you would have felt like ‘You’ were on the Red Carpet in Hillywood, Ca. only the camera flashes and comotion went to these cute furry fellas!

Thank you Peabody for a wonderful experienceand my team and I thank you for all of the hospitality!