Hope or Die! Shout Outs!

by jonathonprince

Man, what an interesting week!

I have to give a warm super BIG Shout Out to Jazzy over at the Fairfield Inn in East Memphis! She gladly opened her doors and the staff was A+, thank you for the hospitality and the Jim n Nick’s BBQ referral! The BREAD!  😐 THE BREAD!!! Thanks Greg over at the Jim n Nicks, your customer service was excellent and my team and I really enjoyed our first Jim n Nick’s experience!

J. Sisnett, I really appreciate you coming through with the visits and allowing us to receive shipments to your crib. From day one you and Radida have always been my favorite brahs, and it shows, thanks nupe! Let’s get that India talk poppin!

What can I say??? Dr. Frederick M. Azar and the entire staff at The Campbell Orthopedic Clinic, you have no idea how my recent visit last week restored my confidence in this right knee of mine, and now that I KNOW it’s okay, I’m back with my Super-man cape on. Their Clinic is soo impressive one of my Frat brother ‘Jevon’ here in Memphis asked where I went to get my knee checked out and when I told him Campbell, he replied, “Yea, their like in the top 5 in the country” now that’s awesome!

Campbell Orthopedic Clinic Staff

Of course, how can you forget ‘On The Border’? OTB has been very instrumental in providing food after a long days run/work! So much so, we don’t need menus. We take our seat, order our water, ice tea and M.dots ‘Arnold Palmer’ please, then our favorite Tacos! What are they??? I’ll show you a picture the next time we stop!

Big Ups’ and THANK YOU!!!