Mr. Lonely!

by jonathonprince

😐 sad, I know. But imagine where I’m coming from. No one I know or even heard of can understand how I feel right now. When I talk about my runs my words are in vain with most responses like, ‘I bet it’s tough out there’ or ‘I can only imagine’ or Ouu, here’s a good one, ‘I’ve always wanted to do that’. Sigh.

I feel like these miles are taken for granted allot of times. It doesn’t make it easy to run when it seems like my running doesn’t matter, especially to the people in need of Hope, the ones that I’m running for. Mentally I love what I do, because it helps so many people that I’ll probably never meet. I think about my life being one of the people u read about who has used their life in full dedication to the betterment if mankind! But will it be?

I know it’s lonely at times because I find myself doing what I’m doing like no one else is doing it. So in that respect, I dig it, but dag…is lonliness the price to pay to follow your dreams?

-Jp (laid out spread across the bed blogging dead tired with one eye open and sore from a cold, late, rainy Monday night…About to pass out. any. second…n..o…w…..)