Sock Tales: ‘Nike Socks Disappearing Act’

by jonathonprince

Read below as Socks explain why they disappear and leave the left or right foot bare without it’s ‘Iloriginal’ matching counter-part.

Major Sock Chief:
‘We socks! Don’t like to be paired up all the time, we have preferences to. Annnnd just because we are sold together, -as a pair- doesn’t mean we like eachother as one. Me personally, I like to Mix-Match with other sock brands, it don’t matter: size, shape, stretch or color. I don’t discriminate against socks! I’ve paired up with tube socks, dress socks (on church day) He-Man socks, Red Sox, even…womens leggings! Truth is, at the end of the day, we socks have an option & choice as well! As long as we cover toes & feet we don’t care! That’s why when you wash your clothes and find out we left you stranded, you know Y!!!’

-Major Sock Chief!