Atlanta Chooses Hope Big Time!

by jonathonprince

So much to say so little time! Atlanta Ga. absolutely and definitely chooses hope! from Clark Atlanta University’s Alumni Administration, staff, students, board of trustees, track team, cheerleaders, documentary stories & President, to Atlanta’s ‘People Station’ to PowerAde & Smart Water, to Ryan Cameron,

Jonathon Prince & Ryan Cameron

Ajay Productions and Vice Saturday nights Hope or Die Fundraiser

 to Erica and the Bronner Brothers Barber Battle,

to CNN, (Click Here for the Story)

KPMG, Spira, Right Gaurd, E-Boost, Ortholite, Dr. Kimbro, The Sheraton, to all the fans supporters and ‘Choosers’ of Hope! Atlanta, Ga. was defintely an awesome city to stop through. Endlessly tired, and very over whelming with life circumstances, however Hope is still & will always remain alive, and the proof is in the Sacrifice!!!

I’m Focused!