The Georgian Terrace Hotel: Mid-Towns Infamous Treasure!

by jonathonprince

…so your running across America and you need a distinguished place for Rest & Relaxation, yet the comfort, vibe & privacy as if you were home, situation in the nicest area of Atlanta, where the customer service is literally a phone call away… On the Director of Operations cell!!! How fresh is THAT for customer service? An that phone call may go something like this:

Jp: “Hello John?”

John: “This is him,” says John.

Jp: The rooms are beautiful and I smell of sweat, road kill, and filth from not having a hotel to do laundry and I was curious to know -since we have our own washer & dryer in each of our hotel rooms- if you sold detergent?”

John: “Certainly Mr. Prince, I’ll have some sent right up, and your stintch, doesn’t bother us at all your doing an awesome thing, just keep up the great work!”

Jp: “Ahhh, Wow!!! Thanks John”.

John: “No Problem, it’s our pleasure!”

On behalf the entire Hope or Die! Team, I thank you tremendously for your hospitality, beautifully intimate one-on-one attention and customer service!