The Day That Changed My Life!

by jonathonprince

What? An awesome day with my team inspiring ‘Hope’ to the people!

6:30am with DJ Larry, thanks for allowing me to share my story with your listeners, Let’s get busy on the Charlotte run!

(:30min. nap)

9:30am W. Mecklenburg High School to speak to the student about staying in school and the importance of ‘Hope’ making your moms & dads proud while living active healthy lifestyles.

(:45min. lunch)

1-3:30pm Then, to top it all off with giving 3 talks to the very talented young men with soo much potential at the county jail. I see your potential men, man up and make better decisions for not only yourself, but for the future of your future wives and children’s children’s children’s! Hold your heads up, and I KNOW you believe in ‘Hope’ guys! Write me, and I promise to write everyone of you back! Stay Strong!

As tiring as this day was, I’ve been changed forever. I see the need, ya know! I’ve accepted my role to humanity and it’s never been so clear. My run is coming full circle and the people need it. Not just from my talks, but to actually ‘See’ whats being done is what’s so incredible. From West to East Coast, Up North to Down South the message is the same, ‘Hope’. Hope is Universal and there is no group of people excluded from receiving it, especially not from this Hope or Die! organization. As long as I have my life, I will continue to run, inspire change and speak to encourage others to live active healthy lifestyles.

Thank You!

-Jonathon Prince