Dear Mom…

by jonathonprince

…I know our schedules have been extremely difficult to reach each other, and I understand. So if you happen to be following my blogs and my progress across America, I would love to see you at the finish line. Everything I am I owe to you, and I thank you for being a mother, father, & best friend all while trying to make the most of of this thing called life. I admire you most and especially for choosing ‘Hope’ during the hard times growing up. I remember living in the back yard of someone’s storage shed for a few weeks, just you, my two brothers and I. It was a tight fit back there as I recall, but it was cramped with hope & love and those are the moments I will never forget. Despite where we were living at the time, you never lost hope and I know that, I remember seeing this strong, focused look on your face that sometimes shed a tear, a tear of hope, that said, “Keep going, just hold on for awhile longer”. The irony of life huh? Living in a cramped shed with 4 people for a few weeks, yet filled with love and a never ending bond that created a memory for a lifetime.

Ahhh, the beautiful struggle! From your youngest son, I Love you!