Rain&Run=Fun. Dedicated to Everyone!

by jonathonprince

I had a great run today. It felt good to get rained on and keep going. Allot of people call it ‘quits’ when it comes to a little resistence, but all that says to me is to ‘keep going’.

Today’s dedication is for everyone and anything that I have or will come in contact with during life, whether for a second, season or a lifetime, today’s run is dedicated to you as my way of saying: “Thank You” for sharing a moment with me. In those moments I have either taken something with me or learned what I don’t want, which -in either case- has shaped the man I am!

20 miles today, almost non-stop, in the rain, after recovering from a leg injury. Typically I stop & go, but I’m proud of myself & I’m proud of all of you!