Residence Inn Chooses Hope!

by jonathonprince

It’s crazy how The Residence Inn made all 3 of us feel like we were already at home. Our stay there was completely taken care of by Hope. No not as in my campaign, but Hope the General Manager. She ensured that we would enjoy our stay and the staff was full of hospitality. After my runs, I felt like it was a work out, because the rooms were so comfortable, I felt like I was back home in LA. Thing is, the rooms and everything was soo ‘on-point’ we didn’t even have to ask or request anything, it was a beautiful stay, so much so, that we BBQ’d met some of the other hotel guest and even enjoyed the rain storm Sunday night. It’s easier to enjoy the rain and outdoor elements, when you have the Residence Inn serving up the best hospitality you can offer.

Oh, and did I mention the rooms???