Nike & Me: ‘All I need to RUN by’.

by jonathonprince

When it comes down to it, Nike has shown love and been ‘thee’ most consistent with support since day: 1, from my first run. It’s amazing how, as I’ve grown, so has the ‘Swoosh’. As long as I run, I’ll have Nike’s on my feet!

As I prep for the last leg of my 3rd run across America, the soles on my current checks are wearing low. But just as most believers say: “they might not always come when you call, but they are always and most consistently on time.”

I received a package today from Oregon, an my eyes lit up! There’s nothing like a new pair of Nikes. When I was little I use to think I could run faster or jump higher, an now that I’m older I don’t jump at all and I run slower at a nice easy 7minute mile pace. Let’s just hope that cnn’s Don Lemon can keep up, because as he requested and saw on CNN he got the pair he asked for and I look forward to running with him along with all other runners looking to close this run out right.

Nike and Jp is a perfect fit, I couldn’t ask for a better shoe support brand the the swoosh itself. You’ve been extremely instrumental in everything from decisions, advice to branding and business, so Thank you for showing love during my runs across America, first the US, then the World!