Run Dedication: The People!

by jonathonprince

JP & the 1st lovely lady from Day: 1 to choose Hope!

With 20 miles closer to DC, all I could think about during todays run, are the people I’m running for. The ones who I hope will hang in there and choose to live with hope to turn their circumstances around.

If during my ‘Hope or Die’ run I missed you by name, today’s run is dedicated to all of you. This 6mth run across America is for you. I care. I understand. Trust me, I know exactly where you are because I’ve been there, ‘Hopeless’ with no way to see pass tomorrow, but I’m here to let you know that is DOES get better, simply choose to live with Hope, then anything becomes possible!

This run is for you Sir, where ever you are from Day: 1

With love,
Jonathon Prince