Golden Touch Auto Sales Chooses Hope!

by jonathonprince

Thursday April 1st we’re traveling across the country on our last leg literally less then a hundred miles from Washington, DC when our dear Pearl (Hope or Die vehicle) starts acting up. In all honesty I couldn’t get upset being that she’s taken us clear across the country over a 6 month period with hardly any maintenance or care. But like a real trooper she’s held on…that is until we reached Richmond, VA. Once in Richmond our Pearl started sputtering and acting as if she could go no further. Her breaks started to squeak, her oil needed to be changed and she had so little energy she could barely enter the freeway. The whole team and I felt sorry for our dear old Pearl and decided to scrounged our pennies together to get her the care she needed. Hustling from one car shop to the next we were faced with outrageous price quotes and long turn arounds. But instead of feeling discouraged we decided to brainstorm and that is when I remembered a dear friend who owns a car shop in Richmond. I called him up and told him about all of Pearls ailments and like a good care giver he asked to see her right away.
Once Pearl was in his presence he quickly had a technician check her engine and go to work. I then entrusted him and the Golden Touch Auto shop with our dear Pearl and left her over night to receive the best care. The next morning I got a call that Pearl was ready to get back on the road. So exited I ran down stairs to the lobby of the hotel to see our Pearl parked outside beaming. Golden Touch Auto hand delivered Pearl to us in tip top shape. The team at Golden Touch Auto replaced her brakes, changed her spark plugs, changed her oil, rotated her tires and a host of other things that helped get her back on her feet. When I asked what the bill would be for her care, the owner simply stated, “Her care is on us”. “Are you serious”, I replied in complete disbelief. The owner and crew at Golden Touch Auto fixed our Pearl free of charge without any questions or hesitation, just to show their support of Hope or Die and our cause to instill hope to the masses. What a gift, what a blessing! The amount of gratitude I have for the owner and staff at Golden Touch Auto is unmeasurable. Their generosity and support will always be remembered by myself and the rest of the Hope or Die team. Pearl is back on the road feeling better then ever, with a smile on her grill and a new pep in her step. Thank you Golden Touch Auto from the bottom of our hearts!!!!! – Andrea Batel
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