A moment of reflection at The Cheesecake Factory!

by jonathonprince

So. All alone over a nice meal, I thought I’d share a few moments of reflections.

Number 1: My 3rd run was all an idle thought at one point and time.

Number 2: As I thought that thought and entertained it more & more, my thoughts became actions. First, by me putting it down on paper, then by drawing and visualizing colors, names and slogans.

Number 3: The more I thought about it, the more I’d lean into new creative ideas and action items to attempt.

Number 4: the more I thought and acted off those thoughts more and more ideas came to where I’d share the dream with others who had even more ideas.

Number 5: The same thought had reproduced itself from the once nothingness it started from. Now others are just as enthusiatic about the idea and are telling more people. Hmm.

Number 6: You’ve concentrated and focused so long on that thought to where it’s now on automatic. It’s inevitable now. The thought ‘Must’ happen. There’s toouch momentum for it not.

Number 7: Youve told the people you trust of your thought and they dint believe in it or call you crazy which produces your hunger for it even more… Now you’ve got something to prove!

Number 8: You thought it, wrote it, spoke it, thought it more, drew it the best you could, told others who told others and the time comes…

Number 9: You Execute!

Number 10: An there you are reflecting over some Spinach Dip at The Cheesecake Factory! Thinking and silently thanking everyone for their support for the once idle nothing that came out the air, and you realize, Life is Good!

…to be continued! -Jp