Its Midnight. & I’m gonna miss…

by jonathonprince

…and in just 12 more hours, my 3rd run across America will be another dream realized of inspiring others to choose hope and look at tomorrow with brighter future. I’m a tad sad though. I’m gonna miss the 20 mile body aching days. Where I can barely walk or stand up straight. I’m gonna miss the kids eyes light up when they see the promo video after I just ran into their auditorium for a speech. I’ll remember often of the road stories only my team and I bonded through.

I’m gonna miss the ‘perfect timing’ calls from Jeff to give me advice and unflinching support. I’m gonna miss the locations where our wonderful Sponsors: Nike Spira, E-Boost, Ortholite, Drinkables, PowerAde and Right Guard sent us products to help us achieve our goals. I’m gonna miss running through every weather element: Rain, Sleet, Heat or Snow. I’m gonna miss the my road managers Andrea & Mike who quit their jobs to boldly take on the world to start a movement an help make this world a better place. I’m gonna miss the foot soldiers from along the route who -like Angels- where there right in the nik of time to look over us. All the text messages, phone calls, emails, blog comments. I’m gonna miss the people who come out to run with me, who I vibe with for however long and share a common bond. I’m gonna miss being in the middle of nowhere in every direction to take in the euphoric backdrop of the country side. I’m gonna miss the hotel hospitality, the raunchy smelly, sweaty clothes, I’m gonna miss the restaurants that choose hope and provide us meals after long days. I’m gonna miss Pearl.

I’m gonna miss this thing! To be continued! -Jp