Why Hope Matters!

by jonathonprince

Hope or Die! has taught me allot. Not only was it to inspire others to choose hope, as I can tell undoubtedly has, but to also remind myself to do so as well. Not just for running America, but living life in general, choosing Hope full fledged on a daily basis. Towards the end of my run I felt a little overwhelmed and distracted with the idea of others participating and wanting to out-do my previous finale’s, but some strange happened today when I noticed those who showed up for the celebration. They matter! They choose hope along the vast amounts of others who did too! It wasn’t just about President Barack Obama or First Lady Michelle coming out to run. Would it have been nice? Yes, but this run was intended for the people. An for the people it remained.

The run may be over, but Hope or Die is far from ending. There are more people to reach and more to do for humanity so until that time…