Susan just touch-down…from Hawaii!!!

by jonathonprince

Who is Susan? Only the mother who did a great job with her son and one of my road managers Mike ‘’ Hansen. She has been extremely supportive even before I met her today, but I understand why now. Her spirit is pure and energy ‘vibrant’ something missing in people now day’s because you just don’t see that much anymore.

She flew in from Hawaii and brought my absolute favorite fruit! Yep, fresh pinneapples that I don’t know whether to keep as a souvineer or tear into like I really want to. Maybe I’ll eat half, and save the other!lol

It was awesome synergy when we met. She was in the lobby checking in, and we were meeting with Erykah in sales when Mike and Susan literally bumped into eachother, it was a classic moment!

On the day of the finale, Susan bunked in with us to experience what is was like to be on the road for the past 6 months. She was giving me abd Andrea ‘Coach K’ Kooiman pounds and throwing up our signature ‘Thumbs Up’ to show that everything us Okay! It was beautiful!

Thank you Susan, seeing you at the finale help me realize that Hope is Alive and well! Thank you for everything!!!

An of course saying bye always suck, but it was more like a great, ‘See ya later’.