A mile in my shoes…

by jonathonprince

It’s 9:51 at night. I’m tired and quite from a lonnnng & hard days work. An I need aire, quick. My mind can’t take it anymore. Mentally it was sooo loud that for a moment I wanted to grab myself by the nose and peel my face off backwards until it ripped off completely so that I could put it under a pillow to quiet down.

I need a walk…Out the door… The fresh air hits me. “Ahhh Woooosahhh” Still un-settled, my mind is scrambled. But if I don’t put in the work towards my dream, it wont get done and no one will…. (sidebar: ‘Yes, Jonathon Prince = Stubborn’.)


Lightweight better, it hurts to walk. My body is wore out & exhuasted, as if I just wore a 340lbs fat suit, carried all of my hometown on my back including every casino on the strip. Yea, today I was grinding. Like past the extra-ordinary hustle, hell Super-man text me to ask if he can borrow ‘MY’ cape. Dam, 99.9% physically depleted and dam near 12 feet below the departed who lay a close 6 feet under.

Yea, I’m:

…and it’s all worth it! Hell, who am I kidding, it’s only 10:14 right now, which means my work continues…

…to be continued!

The Life of Jonathon Prince.