I Can’t Go Backwards, Right?…but!

by jonathonprince

They say everything happens for a reason.
An some people are in your life for just a season.
An to live life with no regrets, rather life a full life and be your best.
They say never go backwards, it’s just the rules!

But who are ‘They’ anyway? What if I want this person to share my entire lifetime with? Why can’t I regret, if I believe I messed up one of the greatest things to ever happen to me? How can I live a full life & be my best me, if the person isn’t present to complete it?

I believe in the ‘don’t go backwards’ thing, which I never planned on doin, but instead, can’t I look at this mis-happ as a lateral step towards completion, and not a step back to insanity?

…or am I doomed to settle forever? (from my personal journal)